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Star Safari

Open extra times over 
the school holidays 

Reconnect with the Universe, recharge your batteries and get the cosmic perspective! 

Come to the beautiful Wairarapa! We will take you on a space and astronomy experience, called Star-Safari.


star safari

Stargazing. Big Telescopes. Space Shop. Astrophotography. Space Science Communication. Virtual night sky tours.

Share an evening of space and astronomy with Astrobiologist and Space Science Communicator Hari Mogosanu and Space Science Communicator Sam Leske. We talk about the night sky, space, astrophysics, astrobiology, telescopes, Mars, life in the universe and even aliens. Weather permitting, we will always give priority to  stargazing.

key features of star safari

We have two 405mm reflecting telescopes we use for stargazing and by 2023 we will have an enormous addition to our telescope collection, so watch this space. 

We use top of the range equipment for our customers – our telescopes are high quality large instruments.

This means we can see a huge range of objects in the night sky such as star clusters, galaxies and beautiful gas clouds.

What we do


When the sky is clear, or even partially clear, we do stargazing and telescope viewing. As we look at deep sky objects through our telescopes, we always also do a laser tour of the night sky. Read here to see what we do.
As Hari is the Creative Producer of the latest New Zealand planetarium show – Ngā Tohunga Whakatere – The Navigators, we share from her experience of creating the movie, working with the navigators, biases and mindsets in understanding culture explained through astronomical knowledge by looking at different systems of understanding the night sky. 
Sam is very skilled at finding deep sky objects in the night sky. If you want to see faint galaxies, strange nebulae and things not many people can find, then join us for a star safari. Read here for the sorts of things we look at in our telescopes.
We also use Astroreality 3D Printed Augmented Reality products, which you can also buy in our shop. We have a small astronomy and space shop that is open.
Bring your camera and a tripod if you wish to take photos of the night sky. We share an amazing view! 


If the sky is cloudy Star Safari is still on. We explore the universe through our night sky virtual tour.
Our professional planetarium software and and tactile 3d printed and augmented reality models of the Solar System provide another opportunity to learn about the night sky, space and astronomy. 

We operate under the Traffic Light Orange conditions

Covid - 19 info

  • When inside you must wear a mask and maintain 1m distance from people outside of your bubble.

  • Masks are not required outside but we recommend you wear one.

  • Outside you must maintain a 1m distance from other people outside of your bubble.

  • If you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms of COVID or Flu then it is important you do not attend.

THE science communicatorS

Space Science Communicators

Hari Mogosanu & Sam leske

Get a fun, inspiring night with our elite science communicators: Hari, a TEDx-featured astrobiologist who interned at NASA and trained for Mars and Sam, an accomplished astrophotographer who is pursuing his passion for astrophysics and the stars.

Space Sciences Communication Professionals

Hari and Sam: communicating space sciences with the public since the turn of the century.

With Space Sciences Background

And Experience of manually operating a full range of telescopes

We know our night sky. You're in good hands when it comes to a safari among the stars.

need to know





and on Public Holidays

Check our opening hours on the ticket, they vary with the sunset. Bookings essential.

Private Star Safari

Get an exclusive Star Safari just for you.
Minimum two people, kids are still FREE - under the same terms and conditions.

Please contact us to arrange a time outside of the regular schedule.

important things

We will be outside for most of the session. Please bring warm clothing, it gets cold at night. Dress as if you would go hiking in winter. Hats, gloves, and boots are highly recommended. Even in summer it can get cold. 

Yes. You don’t need any knowledge about the night sky to attend a Star Safari.

If you are an advanced stargazer you will enjoy in depth exploration of the night sky from a fabulous location.

We have telescopes, binoculars and augmented reality models of the planets but you can bring your own camera and a tripod if you wish to take photos of the night sky. 

Yes. In fact, anyone 15 and under is free when accompanied by adults. 

The site is within short walking distance from the carpark and we have seating available.

Yes. You can join us for private Star Safari and look at any objects you are interested in, if they are visible that time of the year.

We are also soon reopening our weekend courses in stargazing, introduction to astronomy, astrophotography and the very famous telescope course.  

Get a shuttle from Wai Tours. Call Pamela on 028 410 2614 or email

If you have not been here already, among the great places to stay that Wairarapa offers, on Glen Eden is the stunning Whitimanuka Retreat. This is an amazing self contained retreat set amongst rolling hills and native bush and minutes close to Star Safari.

Under some of the most beautiful skies on Earth

give yourself some space this weekend