Experience the night sky

We are very excited to let you know that
Star-Safari is moving to a darker site!!

We will be open for bookings later in the month.

We operate stargazing from the beautiful and dark Wairarapa. Our new site is fantastic with beautiful dark skies and none of the light pollution that the old site suffered from. We will be open in December to bring you our outstanding tours of the night sky with our powerful telescopes.

Every Friday and Saturday, we take you on a space and astronomy experience,
called Star-Safari, which is a social enterprise that brings access to the night sky for everyone.

Get a fun, inspiring night with our elite science communicators: Hari, a TEDx-featured astrobiologist who interned at NASA and trained for Mars and Sam, who is pursuing his passion for astrophysics and stars.

We have two 400mm reflecting telescopes we use for stargazing and we will soon have an enormous addition to our telescope collection, so watch this space.

Star Safari

Kids should not pay for inspiration. Bring your 15 and under for free!

Prices: Adults $15, School Students (16+) $5

Our FAMILY DEAL is 15 and under are FREE when accompanied by adults
(see terms and conditions).

COVID19 Alert Level 2 Information:

You must scan in for contact tracing to participate in Star Safari.

You must wear a correctly fitting mask at all times. We do not provide masks so please ensure you bring one with you.

You must remain 2 metres from other groups and people not in your bubble.

If you are feeling unwell then it is important you do not attend.



When the sky is clear, or even partially clear, we start with the telescope viewing. We don’t want you to miss a thing from our beautiful, dark night sky of the heavenly Wairarapa.


Sometimes the sky is cloudy, if that is the case, then we have an alternative programme where we run an interactive talk about the night sky and a flyby through the Universe. You can also drive our Mars Rovers! We use Astroreality 3D Printed Augmented Reality products, online telescopes from SLOOH and our own experience of the sky to bring the Universe to you.

Our Mars exhibition is made with support from top Mars researchers by the New Zealand Astrobiology Network. We invite you to get a sneak peek of the Red Planet and learn about New Zealand’s contribution to Mars exploration.   


If the weather is suitable for stargazing, when it is dark, you get to see what’s hidden inside the amazing night sky, looking through our giant telescopes.

Discover the night sky we love from the heart of Wairarapa.


Get a shuttle from Wai Tours. Call Pamela on 028 410 2614 or email info@waitours.co.nz

WaiTours is our preferred transport supplier.

What to wear at a stargazing session?

We will be outside for most of the session. Please bring warm clothing, it gets cold at night. Dress as if you would go tramping in winter. Hats, gloves, and boots are highly recommended.

We look forward to seeing you here