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Bring your 15 years and younger for free

They are made of stars

We’re delighted to create content that resonates with everyone, catering to all ages and experience levels.

We wholeheartedly welcome children to join in on the fun! In fact, we’ve made it even more inviting by allowing each adult to bring along two young ones free of charge.

So gather your family and friends, and let’s explore the wonders of the cosmos together!

Give yourself some space

Kids Friendly Experiences

We recommend that for stargazing with young ones, you book the early sessions.

Hot Chocolate Astronomy

Star Safari is a product of Milky-way.Kiwi, a social enterprise providing quality stargazing for everyone

our social enterprise

Every social enterprise has a beneficial goal.

Ours is to inspire people to think about our collective future and how they can actively contribute to it. We believe that quality science education with an added cosmic perspective can achieve that.

Our profits support the New Zealand Astrobiology Network.

We believe it is really important for kids and young people to appreciate the night sky. We know that we are made of stardust, this is probably the most significant connection we have to each other and with the Universe. We want to share this with as many of them as possible. When you realise we are all made from stars, you also realise anything is possible.

For these reasons, when accompanied by adults, all Star Safari stargazing sessions and all our courses are free for 15 and under.

Venture with us beyond Earth

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