Star Safari - your Star Gate to the Universe

give yourself some space

Experience the best telescope equipment in Wairarapa. Explore the night sky
 from one of the best places for stargazing in the world, the Wairarapa Dark Sky Reserve
and discover New Zealand’s most famous constellations.

Our stargazing start times vary throughout the year, based on sunset. We usually hold multiple sessions per night. 

Re-Discover the night sky on a Star Safari

OUR programme

Share an evening of space and astronomy with Hari and Sam.

Star Safari is a 90 minutes night sky experience where we talk about astronomy, space, astrophysics, astrobiology, telescopes, Mars, life in the universe and even aliens. 

Weather permitting, we always stargaze.

Admission includes:


(weather dependant)

Virtual Night sky tours

(VR headsets & AR - only on cloudy nights)


90 minutes/session


Open Fridays, saturdays, sundays, most Public and School holidays and by Appointment


FREE for 15 and younger
Everyone Else: $45/person
First session of the evening is discounted We also offer private Star Safaris and year passes.

Stargaze, look through our telescopes, take photos of the night sky, learn about astronomy

or simply come with us for a virtual trip to the edge of the Cosmos if the weather is cloudy. 

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Why star safari

Really big telescopes

Discover the Night sky with the best stargazing equipment open to the public in Wairarapa.

Discover the night sky

Free for 15 and younger

We pitch our content to the audience and we cater for all ages and all experience levels. We Certainly welcome children, in fact we decided that for each adult, you can bring 2 young people for free.

exceptional dark sky location

You will connect with Wairarapa's Dark Sky from Glen Eden, on top of a hill. It's a fantastic sky with a great view.

Wairarapa is one of the best places for stargazing in New Zealand

special occasions

Have something special to celebrate? Why not do it under Wairarapa's amazing stars with us? Get a night sky experience just for you with Star Safari.

From Wairarapa to space

Learn about the night sky

Nobody can discover the night sky in just one night.

As it changes ever so slightly every day, and visibly from one season to another, there is always something new in the sky. This includes the Planets and the Moon that for ever change their positions.

This is why, we created a Year Pass, so you can have a star safari as often as you’d like, discover New Zealand constellations, and ask as many questions as you need to. 

Star Safari is located in one of the best places for stargazing in New Zealand. Bring your camera too and capture these magic moments for yourself from an exceptional location. We will show you how. 


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Get Your Kids Inspired​

bring your 15 and under for free