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Star Safari: Your Astronomical Journey with a Personal Touch

Welcome to Star Safari Observatory.

We are Hari and Sam,
an astrobiologist and an astrophysicist. 

We created Star Safari out of our love for the night sky and the joy of sharing the marvels of the Universe through the lens of science. 


Spend an evening of space and astronomy with Hari and Sam.

Private star safari

Get an exclusive Star Safari—just for you and your special ones!

Starry Telling

Only available in summer. Our virtual sky exploration and e-astronomy experience.

Stargaze, look through our telescopes, take photos of the night sky, learn about astronomy or simply come with us for a virtual trip to the edge of the Cosmos if the weather is cloudy. 

Our observatory is in the Wairarapa Dark Sky Reserve, 

one of the darkest sky in the world.

Our starting times vary throughout the year, based on sunset.
We usually hold multiple sessions per night. 

redefine your views on the Universe

you get

Really big telescopes

We have not one but two 16" telescopes that we use for stargazing. For telescopes, size does matter.

Discover the night sky with the best stargazing equipment open to the public in Wairarapa.

FREE for 15 and younger

We pitch our content to the audience and we cater for all ages and all experience levels. We certainly welcome children, in fact we decided that for each adult, you can bring 2 young people for free.

exceptional dark sky location

You will connect with Wairarapa's Dark Sky from Glen Eden, on top of a hill. It's a fantastic sky with a great view.

No Nonsense. We talk science.

Talk to Space Science Communicators

MEET Hari and Sam

Hari Mogoșanu

Astrobiologist and Martian

Sam Leske


Get Your Kids Inspired​

bring your 15 and under for free