Welcome to STAR SAFARI.

We are a social enterprise who provides access to the night sky for everyone.

Anyone 15 and under gets free stargazing access with our powerful telescopes.

Our elite science communicators are Hari and Sam.

Hari is an astrobiologist and a senior space sciences communicator.
She interned at NASA, trained for Mars and created numerous Mars outreach programmes in New Zealand, including the Mars exhibition at Stonehenge Aotearoa.
Sam is formally trained in astrophysics and communications. He’s a former airforce officer and a long-time amateur astronomer.
Hari and Sam have each been stargazing for more than 20 years.

stargazing at Stonehenge Aotearoa

Friday and Saturday we are stargazing from Stonehenge Aotearoa.

15 and under are free.

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rain check? You can go online

Explore the Universe online through New Zealand Slooh using robotic telescopes in Chile and the Canary Islands.

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or join us under the dome

Join one of our Saturday morning planetarium sessions in Carterton.

From 10AM. Last show 2PM.

$5 / person

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Experience the night sky

We operate on Fridays and Saturdays evenings and on long weekends from Stonehenge Aotearoa, Wairarapa. See directions below on how to get there.

Every Friday and Saturday, we take you on a space and astronomy experience,
called Star-Safari, which is a social enterprise that brings access to the night sky for everyone.

Get a fun, inspiring night with our elite science communicators: Hari, a TEDx-featured astrobiologist who interned at NASA and trained for Mars and Sam, who is pursuing his passion for astrophysics and stars, after having spent years flying amongst them as a pilot.

Star Safari

Kids should not pay for inspiration. Bring your 15 and under for free!

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Planetarium Shows

learn about space in our portable planetarium

The New Zealand Astrobiology Network brings you the night sky in a Cosmic Star Safari, supported by Milky-Way.Kiwi.

Learn about space, Matariki, New Year and other amazing stories in the sky in our portable planetarium!

Where: Rangatahi hub – Carterton Event Centre

Entry between Carters and the Clock Tower

When: Saturday 29 May, Saturday 26 June

$5 / person

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We are

Haritina Mogosanu and Samuel Leske,

We believe that access to the night sky should be affordable and open to anyone.

We created Milky-Way.Kiwi and Star Safari as a social enterprise that provides access to the night sky.

Kids and young people

We believe that is really important for kids and young people to appreciate the night sky and we want to help them be aware of what is possible and what their future might hold.

We know that we are made of stardust, this is probably the most significant connexion we have to each other and with the Universe. We want to share this with as many of them as possible. When you realise we are all made from stars, you also realise anything is possible.

Therefore, for Star Safari and for all our courses, 15 and under are free.

We love

astronomy and


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