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At the heart of everything we do

Star Safari's sustainable journey

At Star Safari, we are passionate about exploring the wonders of the universe while ensuring that our planet remains a vibrant and thriving home for future generations.

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from the way we operate our tours to how we interact with our community and the natural environment.

how we’re making a difference

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We recognize the impact of our activities on the environment and are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

Powered by Solar Energy: Our operations run entirely on solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to provide clean and renewable energy.

Eco-Friendly Transportation: We prioritize using energy-efficient vehicles and promote carpooling among our guests to minimize emissions. Additionally, we offset the carbon footprint from guests driving to our location by planting trees.

Energy Conservation: Our facilities are equipped with energy-saving technologies, and we continually seek ways to improve our energy efficiency.

Protecting Our Night Skies

We are deeply invested in protecting the night skies from light pollution. Our initiatives include:

Dark Sky Advocacy: We support local and international efforts to reduce light pollution and promote dark sky reserves. Our dark sky meter helps us monitor and maintain optimal conditions for stargazing.

Community Education: We educate our guests and the community about the importance of preserving dark skies for astronomical observations and ecological balance. Check out our dark sky educational materials:

Sustainable Practices in Our Operations

We strive to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our operations:

Moon Garden Sanctuary: We have created a Moon Garden, a sanctuary for native nighttime insects, fostering biodiversity and supporting the local ecosystem.

Eco-Toilet: Our eco-toilet system reduces water usage and promotes sustainable waste management.

Waste Reduction: We minimize waste through recycling programs, composting organic materials, and reducing single-use plastics.

Sustainable Products: Our merchandise and tour materials are sourced from eco-friendly suppliers and made from sustainable materials.

Supporting Local Communities

We are committed to supporting and giving back to the communities we operate in:

Local Partnerships: We collaborate with local businesses and organizations to promote sustainable tourism and support the local economy.

Education and Outreach: Through our educational programmes and community outreach, we inspire the next generation of scientists and environmental stewards.

Continuous Improvement

Sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we are continuously seeking new ways to improve our practices. We regularly review and update our sustainability goals to ensure we are making meaningful progress.

Join Us on Our Sustainable Journey

We invite you to join us on our journey to explore the universe sustainably. By choosing Star Safari, you are supporting a company that values the environment, community, and the awe-inspiring beauty of our night skies.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that future generations can continue to marvel at the wonders of the cosmos.

Star Safari is a product of Milky-way.Kiwi, a social enterprise

our social enterprise

Every social enterprise has a beneficial goal.

Ours is to inspire people to think about our collective future and how they can actively contribute to it. We believe that quality science education with an added cosmic perspective can achieve that.

Our profits support the New Zealand Astrobiology Network.

We believe it is really important for kids and young people to appreciate the night sky. For these reasons, when accompanied by adults, all Star Safari stargazing sessions and all our courses are free for 15 and under.

Venture with us beyond Earth