Star Safari is at Glen Eden Farm

Since January 2022 Star Safari relocated to Glen Eden Farm.

Star Safari operates from an amazing location, on top of a hill.

We partnered with Glen Eden Farm to bring you stargazing on their beautiful slice of the Wairarapa

Glen Eden Farm is also home of Whitimanuka Retreat a very special place to stay in Wairarapa.

Star Safari is almost on top of a hill and to be able to put the observatories there, our hosts built us a road. The entire process was very exciting, and it involved a lot of digging.

Venture with us beyond earth

More To Explore

The Sky at Star Safari as the centre of our galaxy is rising and the head of the Emu is visible in the Southern Cross region

Wairarapa is a Dark Sky Reserve

Wairarapa is a dark sky reserve, and we look forward to many beautiful and clear nights for you to enjoy the exceptional night sky here.