Planetarium Shows

********We are currently not operating any planetarium shows due to the COVID alert level restrictions********

learn about space with the astrobiology dome

The New Zealand Astrobiology Network brings you the night sky with the Astrobiology Dome, operated by Milky-Way.Kiwi.

Learn about space, the Universe, the Planets, the origin of life and prospects of life in the Universe, in the Astrobiology Dome. 

What is the Astrobiology Dome?

The Astrobiology Dome is a portable planetarium, a giant tent, inflated by air. Inside, we project a simulation of what we know about the Universe, using the latest data acquired by spacecraft and satellites. The planetarium uses data from the latest missions to Mars, the Moon and the Solar System, and deep sky surveys. 

Walk with us among the stars!

What to expect

Time permitting, will visit the International Space Station, the Moon, any of the planets of the Solar System, Pluto and the Kuiper belt and then we head out beyond the Solar System to the stars and beyond our galaxy to the Universe. 

Each show is different. The shows are live. The shows are not scripted and they are not recordings. You can ask questions. 

Where: Rangatahi hub – Carterton Event Centre

The Rangitahi Hub is behind the Carterton Events Centre with the entrance off SH2 between Carters (the large green building) and the Clock Tower. There are a few carparks up the driveway, past Carters and by the entrance to the Carterton Bowls Club. Entrance to the Rangitahi is up the ramp and through the doors on the left, where the yellow arrow points.

Buy tickets online or on arrival. Priority will be given to prepurchased tickets.

To buy tickets online follow this link.

When: Saturday 21 and 28 AUgust 2021 from 10:30AM

The New Zealand Astrobiology Network is supported by Kapai Carterton in Carterton to deliver the planetarium shows.

Planetarium Shows

Show schedule:

10:30 AM, 11:15AM, 12:00PM, 12:45PM, 1:30PM

Shows are 25 minutes in length. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of the show.

$5 / person

Purchase tickets on arrival or book online.
EFTPOS available. No Cash/ Change available

Terms and conditions

Ticket price gets you entry to the Astrobiology Dome for one 30 minute show.

No refunds will be given.

Planetarium capacity is limited to 25 people.

Parents and caregivers of children aged 10 and under must accompany children in their care.

Anybody showing any signs of illness such as coughing, sneezing, runny noses will be denied entry.

The planetarium is dark, if you suffer from claustrophobia you might find this activity not suitable.