We are all made of stardust

OUR story

Why we do this

Access to the night sky should be affordable and open to anyone.

We loved stargazing since we can remember and have always been delighted to be able to share this amazing experience with other people.

This is how Star Safari was born. 

Our organised outreach activity goes back to 2009, the International Year of Astronomy, for which Hari put together New Zealand’s first astrophotography magazine – Milky Way Kiwi.

Milky-Way.Kiwi became an astronomy and space blog because New Zealand has the most beautiful night sky and we wanted to let people know about that. It is also true that we see more stars in the sky from the Southern Hemisphere and we think that living under New Zealand’s dark sky is a truly unique experience.

In 2017, Sam joined the team and we spent most of our free time developing the blog, writing about the stars and stargazing from Wellington’s CBD near the Botanical Gardens. 

In 2019, we started stargazing from Wairarapa in the weekends, and had about two and a half thousand people coming through for Star Safari until about May 2021. We then took a break to look for a suitable location for our stargazing activities. 

We are very excited to let you know that we found one of the best stargazing sites in Wairarapa and from 2022 we are working in collaboration with Whitimanuka on a site entirely dedicated to stargazing. Star Safari reopens in January 2022 

Talk to Experts

Meet Hari & Sam

Haritina Mogosanu

Astrobiologist & Space Science Communicator

Samuel Leske

Space Science Communicator & ...

We have our private observatory at home and together we own 10 telescopes. 

In our spare time we read about astronomy, take photos of the night sky or just browse the sky with our telescopes. 

Hari has done an internship at NASA, trained for Mars as an analog astronaut and then established the New Zealand Astrobiology Network. 

Sam loved space since he was a kid and enjoyed getting closer to it as an airforce pilot. 


What we do

We teach

Space and Astronomy courses. If you are interested to learn about astronomy, telescopes and space, we can help.

We stargaze

Every weekend we go stargazing in the dark-skied Wairarapa. Join us and discover the night sky we love.


We also run an online astronomy programme called SLOOH. Explore the Universe in style with us, as an armchair astronomer!

We offer telescope advice

If you get stuck in choosing a telescope or you need an opinion, we can help.

join us

give yourself some space

Eta Carina Nebula

we are a social enterprise

Kids and young people

Our beneficial goal is to provide quality science education therefore our profits support the New Zealand Astrobiology Network.

We believe that is really important for kids and young people to appreciate the night sky and we want to help them be aware of what is possible and what their future might hold.

We know that we are made of stardust, this is probably the most significant connection we have to each other and with the Universe. We want to share this with as many of them as possible. When you realise we are all made from stars, you also realise anything is possible.

Therefore, for Star Safari and for all our courses, 15 and under are free.

Nothing. Nothing more mysterious or more beautiful than the stars in the sky.