Are you planning to buy a telescope? Do you know what to get? What size? Type? Eyepieces? Adaptors? What about mounts? Where to buy them from?

telescope course

Find the answer to all these scary questions.

what you need to know about telescopes

Choosing a telescope

Telescopes and astronomy can be daunting at first with many different options and a whole language of jargon to learn.

We help demystify the topic and make sense of the jargon so that you can buy the right telescope for your needs, that matches your astronomical interests without spending an astronomical budget. By the end of our telescope course you’ll be equiped with the knowledge to get the telescope that is right for you, and know how to use it.

You already have a telescope but…

Even you’re just interested in learning how to use the telescope you’ve got collecting dust in the garage, our course will get that telescope collecting light from distant stars instead.

main key features about this course

If you need help with telescope advice, are thinking of buying a telescope either for yourself or someone else, then come and join one of our telescope courses.

Hands-on learning

We have a tons of telescopes of all different sorts so on our course you will get the value of seeing a wide range of instruments and be able to experience how to use them.

We know how telescopes can be complicated and a bit daunting to those new to astronomy so we’ll take you through the basics of how they work and how to operate them.

If you’re looking to buy a telescope then by the end of this course you’ll be in a much better informed position to get the right telescope for what you want.

We are the proud owners of 11 telescopes and another one is in the making. Between us we’ve had about 40 years of using telescopes of all shapes and sizes from an all around the world. We’ve helped countless people new to astronomy get themselves set up with a telescope that meets their needs.


Chief Telescopes Operator

Sam Leske

Sam has been operating telescopes for a very long time, many different sorts and he also does astrophotography with some of them. 

We look forward to seeing you

Clear skies!

Weekend Courses


1 - 5 PM


Star Safari Lab.

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Just wanted to send a note through to say how much I enjoyed Telescopes 101 (please tell Sam!!). Monday evening is now so boring! More soon, please. Finally got around to reading the September newsletter and saw a refractor telescope advertised. I read the ad, and thought - but what about this? and this? I had lots more questions for the seller. But before Telescopes 101, I would have thought  - it’s a telescope, umm…  So a great big thanks to Sam for a super course, and to you. It’s been great. (And now I am looking longingly on Amazon at a Celestron CPC 800… So I may have caught the bug.)

important things

You don’t need any astronomy experience / prerequisite knowledge to attend this course.

We have equipment to show you but if you wish to bring your own telescope you are very welcome

Yes and anyone 15 and under can come for FREE. 

We have other courses that will advance you in astronomy,  stargazing, astrophotography or astronomy for your business (astrotourism). 

Need to know

Telescopes are wonderful windows to the Universe

Open your window to the universe