If you love looking at the night sky and wish you had a magic formula to
learn more in less time,
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Stargazing accelerator

For busy people who want to learn fast everything they need to make sense of the night sky.

what you need to know about stargazing

We are all made of stars.

Check out here Hari’s TEDx talk, she’s very adamant about that. Reaching out to learn more about them is not only logical but very fulfilling. 

This is an absolute beginner course.

No prerequisite knowledge is required.
This course is for you if you want to:

  • know your night sky
  • try your hand at astrophotography
  • open a stargazing business 
  • buy a telescope
  • become an efficient stargazer
  • learn how to navigate by the stars


main key features about this course

We cover basics of the night sky: things like “where is everything?”, “where do I find them?”, “when are they visible?”, “when can I see Matariki?”, celestial coordinates, orientation, stars, magnitudes, constellations, and many other astronomical definitions, apps to use and, Hari’s favourite, we talk about navigation by the stars.  

learn fast

Hari spent the last two decades studying and teaching about the night sky.

The Stargazing Accelerator is a step-by-step formula she put together to speed up your celestial learning so you can then focus on things that matter for you.  


Astrobiologist & Martian

Hari Mogoșanu

A Wairarapa local and resident of Carterton, Hari is the creative producer of the New Zealand planetarium movie Ngā Tohunga Whakatere – The Navigators, launched in October 2021. Since 2005, when she arrived in New Zealand Hari researched and learned about celestial navigation, which culminated in the creation of the movie. 

Extremely passionate about stargazing, Hari wrote the Stargazing course while she was herself on an internship course at NASA Ames, missing the New Zealand’s fantastic skies. 

Hari at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah during a Mars Analog Astronaut simulation, where, with her team, she built a Pacific Star Compass and taught her colleagues analog astronauts about navigating by the stars. On Mars, due to the weak magnetic field, Earth compasses don’t work so navigating by the stars might actually come in really handy.

We look forward to seeing you

Clear skies!

Weekend Courses


1 - 5 PM


Star Safari Lab.

important things

You don’t need any astronomy experience / prerequisite knowledge to attend this course.

You don’t need to bring any equipment, and we provide notepads to write on. 

Yes and anyone 15 and under can come for FREE. 

We have other courses that will advance you in astronomy, astrophotography or astronomy for your business (astrotourism) and, of course our very famous telescope course. 

Through nuclear fusion, stars create the chemical elements necessary for life to exist. We are carbon-based life forms, which was only produced in stars. Calcium in our bones was made in stars too. Some other chemical elements, such as Iodine, can be made in even stranger events such as neutron star collisions. We are a miracle of existence and very lucky to be here on Earth, alive.

Need to know

We are all made of stars

Venture with us beyond Earth!