With Slooh, Star Safari brings you access to a global network of large telescopes that you can use to learn about the night sky, research or to take your very own pictures.

Slooh gives users access to large telescopes based in the Canary Islands and Chile, including a solar telescope.

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Slooh is a very inclusive community where you can do quests to help you learn more about the night sky and astronomy, ask astronomers any questions, learn how to process astrophotography and spend time with some amazing telescopes.

You can task these telescopes to look at things that you want to take pictures of: galaxies, clusters and planets.

Depending on the account you have you can download fits files and do your own image processing.

You can use Slooh for checking what’s going on on the Sun and for adding data to objects that you might have photographed in the past and also looking at objects that we can’t see from New Zealand.

As well as just controlling the telescopes there’s a lot of educational resources on Slooh including quests and information guides about objects and the telescopes. 

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A school, a Scout / Brownie group, an astronomy group, a library or a planetarium, then you can join as a club.

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