Astrophotography course

An introduction to astrophotography. Have you ever wanted to reproduce your own amazing shots of the night sky? You can!  

Includes a Star Safari.

Absolute beginner for astrophotography. Start here.  

Did you know that astrophotography is more than just pretty landscapes at night? Take a look at this photo of the galaxy IC 342, taken by Sam. This is a beautiful spiral galaxy that is really hard to photograph because it it sits along the plane of the Milky Way so is difficult to see. IC342 was instrumental in the work for understanding dark matter (see this article from Caltech).

Astrophotography Course

What’s in an Astrophotography course?

Did you know that astrophotography has 3 broad categories?

Landscape, Deep Sky and Planetary

If you think about astrophotography but you are not sure where to start, then this is the course for you. We will have a look at how you get started, what kind of equipment you need, and what options are there. We will cover imaging the Moon, planets and deep sky objects like galaxies and star clusters and wide field landscape photography.

The course will run from 2:00PM to 6:00PM and weather permitting you can also join our stargazing session for the night.

Astrophotography Course 4 hrs
Star Safari 1.5 hrs
4 hours of theoretical knowledge on stargazing +  1 stargazing session at night (weather permitting)


Family Deal 15 and under free (conditions apply). 
School Students 16+ $50.


learning your night sky

becoming an astrophotographer

opening a stargazing business

buying a telescope


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